Corporate Finance

Liquidation Services

Hatemcpa provides liquidation services to all kind of companies, our practitioners are highly experienced who regularly work on a various types of liquidation.

  • Preparation of liquidation plan
  • Assignment a Certified liquidator
  • Providing consultancy in liquidation
  • Preparing and organizing liquidation report

Voluntary Liquidation
Voluntary liquidation is executes for many reasons. Sometimes a company may choose to enter liquidation while they are still solvent and has enough assets to cover its liabilities and will no longer be financially viable when the business is insolvent, directors decide to put the business into liquidation.

Mandatory Liquidation
Mandatory liquidation is carried out upon the issuance of a ruling by the Commercial Court to put the company under liquidation and end its business, by appointing a liquidator or liquidation committee by the Commercial Court and its mission is to liquidate the company's assets and pay its obligations to creditors according to the legal priority.