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Legal Audit

The Legal Audit is very prudent in order to prevent laws generated with copious and serious discretion and aware to divide with any legal actions.

Arising in upcoming future and resultantly may end in getting fined, sued, penalty imposition and prosecuted in evadable legal actions due to lacunae or deficiencies residing in the agreements, statutes, undertakings, documents and laws accomplished by the companies, partnerships, individuals, Corporate Undertakings, Governmental Undertakings and banks Undertakings.

In outstep of the laws and provisions of the Governmental Enterprises, Organization, Company, for instance, moving from the Articles of Association of the Private Limited Company and the laid down Memorandum and laws relying on certain acts and enactments in force.

Unlike Financial Audit, Company Audit or Tax Audit, the Legal Audit is held prior to starting a project in a company and therefore it is also popular with the name pre-audit. Whereas all the other audits happen at the end of the Financial Year.

Legal Audit focuses more on the legal domain of a company. Whether the company is abiding by the current norms of the government or is facing any legal issue or is into any legal dispute. The company along with all its operative outlets is audited in a legal audit.

A legal audit is needed to judge the legal problems in the starting phase of the Joint Business ventures, Undertaking, Project, Collaboration arrangements, mutually agreed agreements. Also, a company becomes aware of the legal risks that might come while proceeding with any project, collaboration or a venture. Legal Audit, if done efficiently, gives a clean chit to the company and safeguards it from any sort of clashes with the government of the country.